Complete Guide to Extract Formatted USB Stick Data

Stored a large number of photos and videos of friends and family on USB memory stick and accidentally formatted it. Since not having any back up of these files, thinking of how to get them back. This scenario is general with the USB stick users. Thinking USB stick as reliable and small, users store their important data like work files and other files which are memorable to them but forget to make back up of these files. When they accidentally format their memory stick, they think that they have lost those files permanently. However, those files are not lost permanently and can be obtained back.

To get back the data lost by formatting the USB stick, one can go for software that can reliably get back this data. However, the software which is being used should be secured enough and the best accomplished tool to get back data from formatted USB stick is USB memory stick recovery. This tool securely obtains the lost data from formatted USB stick.

What are the causes of data loss due to USB stick getting formatted

A user either intentionally or unintentionally formats his USB stick. When he intentionally formats USB stick, he may come across two scenarios. One is that he thinks that the data stored is unimportant but later after formatting it he finds that it was important and he has to get that data back. The other scenario is that his USB stick gets infected by virus and antivirus prompts him to format it, so he formats it. And unintentional formatting is done by human error like if he wants to format another drive but by mistake he formats the USB stick. To get over the above mentioned scenarios, one should make use of USB Memory Stick Recovery software to restore data from Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick without any difficulty. For more results, visit here

How is this software beneficiary?

Extracting data from formatted USB stick is safe and fast if you use this software. You just need to plug in your USB stick to your computer on which this software is installed. This software provides you the following features:

Note: To know more about how to do USB memory stick recovery, read this guide.

Precautions that should be taken to avoid data loss due to formatting USB stick

Steps to extract data from formatted USB stick:

Step-1: Connect the formatted USB stick and run the software to extract data. Select "Recover Files" option from main screen. Then select "Recover Lost Files" option to extract files lost from formatted USB stick.
Step-2: From the list of logical and physical drives, select your USB stick and click on "Next" option

Extract Formatted USB Stick Data - Select Memory Stick

Figure 1: Select Memory Stick

Step-3: Select the file types you want to get back from the list of file types on window and select "Next" option to start scanning.

Extract Formatted USB Stick Data - Select File Type

Figure 2: Select File Type

Step-4: A window appears showing hierarchy of rescued files in two options "Data Type View" option and "File Type View" option. Preview the extracted files using "Preview" option. Using "Save Recovery Session" option, you can save your current session.

Extract Formatted USB Stick Data - Save Recovery Session

Figure 3: Save Recovery Session

Step-5: To save the extracted files, purchase the activation key and use "Restore Recovery Session" option to resume from the saved session without scanning again.

Extract Formatted USB Stick Data - Save Recovered Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files